Information to help keep you steady on your feet

If you, or someone you care for, is at risk of falling, this page provides information to help keep you steady on your feet

About falls

Most of us will have experienced a fall at some point. For many, having a fall will be nothing more than a bit embarrassing, however, a fall can be startling, upsetting and life changing, especially as we get older.

Although we are more likely to fall as we age, falls are not an inevitable part of getting older. Many falls can be prevented with some simple changes to our way of living and our homes. In some cases, a fall can be a sign that there is a change in our health, but this is often something that can be treated.

Find out the risk factors that could increase your chances of falling, why falls matter, and how dementia could increase your chance of falling.
More about falls

Strength and balance

Find out how exercises can help you keep well and prevent falls. In this section you can watch a series of videos showing simple exercises you can practice at home that will improve your strength, balance, flexibility and fitness.
Exercises to try

Keeping well

Find out how keeping active and well reduces you risk of falls. In this section you can learn about looking after your feet and bones, how to manage medication, how to eat well and how to keep active.
Start keeping well

Safety at home

Find out how to identify hazards and do a safety check of your home to reduce your risk of falls.
How to do a home safety check

Fear of falling

Find out how to prevent a fear of falling from affecting your life, how to manage your fears, and relaxation tips.
Fear and anxiety about falling

Dealing with a fall

Find out what to do if you fall and how to create a falls plan.
What to do if you fall


Find out when and where to get help if you are at risk of falling and what support is available.
How to get help

Other resources

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Assess you own risk of falling and make a personalised falls prevention plan.