Breast and Cosmetic Implant Registry


Product recall

Implants may be recalled because of concerns around:

  • the implant shell (outer layer)
  • the implant filling
  • a problem with the packaging of the device

Implant recalls are very rare. In the 1990s an oil-filled implant was introduced. It was recalled because of concerns around the filling. This was the last time an implant had to be removed and replaced in people who had them.

Much more recently PIP implants were withdrawn because of concerns around the filling of the implant. The filling was believed to be substandard. This means it did not meet medical safety requirements.

How will I be contacted if there’s a recall?

If there are safety concerns, you will be contacted and recalled for assessment.

NHS Scotland will use your personal details to try and trace your current address. The records on the NHS database will be used.

The organisation that carried out your surgery will be provided with your current address, where available, so that they can:

  • contact you
  • arrange for the right steps to be taken to ensure your safety

If the organisation that performed the surgery no longer exists, you will be contacted by your local NHS Scotland health board.

If you are an overseas patient, or you have moved overseas, an attempt will be made to contact you at your last known address in your health record. For these reasons, please ensure your GP records are up to date especially your name, address and contact details.

Last updated:
07 October 2021