Breathing Space, Scotland's mental health phone service, are launching a new campaign to encourage everyone in Scotland to practise a positive outlook to life to help improve their mental wellbeing.

About the campaign

The 365 Brighter Days campaign is a year-long programme of events to promote a positive outlook on life.

It will also highlight that phoning Breathing Space is a positive first step for anyone feeling low, anxious or stressed.

The campaign launches on the 1st February (National Breathing Space Day).

Look for the positive

Positivity isn't easy, it requires practise. Encouraging a positive mindset through simple approaches such as mindfulness, exercise, breathing techniques and positive interactions with others, is important for our wellbeing

Tony McLaren, Breathing Space National Coordinator

If you're feeling negative, you can feel 'stuck' and your view of the world narrows. Looking for the positive in each day not only makes you and others around you feel good in the moment but can also help to transform you for the better.

Positivity helps you:

  • develop resilience
  • cope better with stress
  • be more productive

Having a positive outlook in difficult times is an important predictor of how quickly you recover from adversity.

You can’t stop thinking a certain way, you have to start thinking a new way.

6 ways to feel happier and more positive

Further information

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