Anticipatory care planning

It's everyone's business

If you have a long term health condition, making an anticipatory care plan can help you get back in control over what's important to you.


Anticipatory care planning (ACP) means that health and care practitioners work with people and their carers to ensure that the right thing is done at the right time by the right person

It's about working with you and people close to you to help you understand

  • what services are available
  • how to use the healthcare system well
  • your condition

By having the right conversations with your healthcare team you can make informed choices about the type of care you want to receive. This allows you to highlight what’s important to you and understand how you can help yourself.

Your plan is a record of these conversations. It sets out your needs and wishes and the outcomes you want to achieve.

Having a plan gives me a huge sense of relief.

Fiona Cregan (Carer and ACP service user)

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