Bridging (short-term) contraception

Pharmacies can give you an initial supply of the contraceptive pill

You can get an initial 3-month supply of the progestogen-only pill as well as emergency contraception at pharmacies in Scotland.

How does it work?

Pharmacies can provide a temporary supply of the progestogen-only pill. This is known as bridging contraception.

What’s bridging contraception?

Bridging contraception is a short-term supply of the contraceptive pill. It bridges the gap between emergency contraception and longer-term contraception. This lowers the risk of unplanned pregnancy.

All other contraceptive services will still be available from GP practices and sexual health clinics. Bridging contraception is to help more people access contraception more easily.

You can get bridging contraception from pharmacies if you’re between 13 and 55. The pharmacist will ask you some questions to make sure it’s right for you.

After bridging contraception

Contact your GP practice or sexual health clinic if you want to continue using the contraceptive pill after the initial 3 months or if you want to discuss other contraceptive options.