Regular smear tests are your best protection against cervical cancer, even if you've been immunised against HPV. 

Your smear test can pick up changes to your cells which, if left untreated, could turn into cancer. 

6 women are diagnosed with cervical cancer every week in Scotland and it’s the most common cancer in women aged 25 to 35.

A smear test could save your life (

Watch this short video explaining why you should take up your invitation to be tested.

About the test

All women in Scotland aged 25 to 49 are invited for a smear test every 3 years, while women aged 50 to 64 are invited every 5 years.

Some women ignore their invites because they're embarrassed, but the test only takes a few minutes and although it can be awkward, it could save your life.

What happens during a smear test

Missed appointments

Most women have their smear test at their GP surgery. 

If you missed your last appointment, contact your GP to find a time that suits you.

Try to make an appointment for a day when you don't have your period. This is because it’s difficult to get a clear view of the cervix during this time.

Find a phone number for your GP