Flu is much worse than a bad cold, it can be life-threatening. The flu vaccine is the safest, most effective way to protect your children from flu.

About the delay

This year, the delivery of the child flu vaccine (the nasal spray vaccine called Fluenz Tetra) from the manufacturer has been delayed UK-wide.

The current child flu vaccine supply will be prioritised for:

  • children aged 2-5 years old (aged 2 on 1 September 2019 and not yet in school)
  • those aged 5-18 years with underlying health conditions

These children are at greatest risk from the flu virus.

Children aged 2-5 years old

Parents of 2-5 year olds (and not yet in school) will have received a leaflet and letter about contacting their GP practice or local flu clinic to arrange an appointment.

If you have been unable to get an appointment for your 2-5 year old, please contact your GP practice again as more vaccines will be delivered to GPs during November.

More about theĀ child flu vaccine for children aged 2-5 years old

Primary school children

Flu vaccinations in some primary schools (either for the whole school or for year groups within the school) may be postponed as a result of this vaccine supply issue.

However, NHS Boards are working to ensure further opportunities for vaccination are made available for school children affected.

Health Protection Scotland advises that in most years, flu does not start circulating before December. Your primary school or local NHS team will share arrangements for vaccinating primary school children in your local area.

More about the child flu vaccine for primary school children

If your child is considered 'at risk'

For children with underlying health conditions that attend any of these postponed schools, alternative local arrangements will be in place. Your child may be offered their vaccination:

  • at their primary school as normal
  • at GP practices
  • in community clinics

Your local NHS Board will communicate these arrangements.

Health conditions that make children more vulnerable to flu complications

Further information

Your GP practice, primary school or local NHS Board will be able to provide further information about any changes caused by the delay.

For more about flu and this year's flu vaccination, visit our Get the facts about flu campaign.