Don’t underestimate how serious flu can be. This year’s flu vaccine offers the best protection against the virus, so don’t leave it too late – get ready for flu this winter.

Who should be immunised?

Help protect yourself and others from flu

Some people are at greater risk from the dangers of flu. Everyone in these groups should make sure they're immunised this year. This includes:

  • children aged 2 (on 1 September 2018) until the end of primary school
  • people with a health condition
  • those aged 65 and over
  • pregnant women
  • healthcare workers
  • unpaid or young carers

Fact about flu: The vaccine's totally safe and effective - it can't give a child or adult the flu.

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Why should you get immunised?

Flu can be very serious

Flu's much worse than a bad cold. It’s a very infectious disease that can have serious consequences.

Every year, thousands of people are hospitalised due to flu and its complications. This year’s flu vaccine's the best way to protect yourself and others around you.

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When should you get immunised?

Don't leave it too late - act now

Low temperatures mean the flu virus can spread more quickly. So if you’re someone who needs the vaccine or you have pre-school children, make an appointment with your GP practice now.

Children aged 2 to 5 (on 1 September 2018)

Make their flu vaccine appointment at your GP practice.

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School-aged children will be vaccinated at school

Complete and return the consent form that'll be sent home with them from school.

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Living with a health condition? Pregnant? Over 65? Carer?

Contact your GP practice now.

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Healthcare worker

Speak to your line manager or occupational health department.

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The sooner you get protected from flu, the better. The more people immunised, the less likely flu is to spread.