During the festive season, it’s particularly important to have the right health information. Info for Me can help you prepare for the holidays, whatever you've planned.

Manage common winter conditions

Colds and flu, stomach bugs, and food poisoning are all more likely to affect you during the holidays. And with all the celebrations, indigestion and hangovers happen more too.

Info for Me can help you put together all the information you need to tackle these problems, so you can concentrate on feeling better.

Learn more about the Info for Me tool

Read about the Info for Me tool, and try creating your own leaflet.
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Manage long-term and chronic conditions in winter

Cold weather and changes to your usual routine often affect long-term and chronic conditions. Info for Me can help you put together a leaflet with information on relieving symptoms, and tips on how to manage your condition in the cold weather.

Create your own leaflet

Make a personalised leaflet with details about your condition.
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Create a list of medications you might need

With seasonal opening hours affecting pharmacies, it’s helpful to be certain about the medications you take if you can’t stock up in advance.

Using Info for Me, you can create a list of medications you might need. This will be helpful if your usual pharmacy is closed and you have to pick up a prescription elsewhere.

Check pharmacy opening times

Find out when your local pharmacy is open over the holidays.
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Learn more about Info for Me

Info for Me lets you create a personalised leaflet as part of preparing for the holidays. You can print the leaflet, save it to your device, or share it with friends and family.

See Info for Me in action (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BvSmv4V6-Og)

Watch our video to learn more about how Info for Me works, and what it can do for you in the run up to Christmas.