The Scottish Government has put together an Oral Health Improvement Plan (OHIP) to help you and your dental team look after your oral health, and explain how your dental care might change in the future.


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Good oral health is achievable for everyone, no matter what your age. By carrying out simple self-care measures at home you can reduce your risk of dental disease.

Healthy diet

A healthy diet will be beneficial to your oral and general health.

Restrict sugared food to mealtimes and opt for water or milk rather than fizzy drinks.

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Brushing your teeth

As a general rule, you should be brushing your teeth twice a day with a fluoride toothpaste. The most important time to brush your teeth is just before you go to sleep at night.

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Dental treatments, costs and services

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Visiting your dentist for a dental examination (check-up):

  • allows your dentist to see if you've any oral health problems
  • helps you keep your mouth healthy

Your dentist will also tell you:

  • how to best look after your mouth
  • if you need any dental treatment  

NHS dental examinations are free for everyone.

Treatment costs and exemptions

Certain people can get all of their NHS dental treatments free of charge, and others may be eligible for help with these charges.

A range of treatments can be provided under the NHS, and there's a treatment monitoring system in place.

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Caring for older people’s oral health

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Not only does Scotland now have more older people than ever before, they're now more likely to still have their natural teeth than in previous generations.

To meet the needs of our ageing population, we're going to start a new system to make it easier for dental teams to treat older people who live in a care home or are cared for in their own home.

Further information

You can read a short guide to the OHIP, and the full version, on the Scottish Government website.

If you would like further information on the OHIP, email