No Smoking Day (11 March 2020)

Have you thought about quitting in time for No Smoking Day?

For this year's national No Smoking Day we want to know – what will your #QYWresult be?

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For No Smoking Day 2020 we're supporting ASH Scotland's campaign, taking the opportunity to celebrate the positive results that people can gain from stopping smoking.

By highlighting people’s personal and sometimes unexpected quit results and stories, we hope to inspire people who are thinking of quitting to get started on their quit journey. 

When it comes to quitting smoking, everybody’s different, but the results are always worth it. No Smoking Day is the perfect day to find the motivation you need to start on your quit journey.

You can also get expert help from the NHS. Whatever way you decide, it helps to plan ahead.

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If you've been thinking of quitting, No Smoking Day might just be the perfect excuse!

We’re all in for celebrating the positive, personal results people can achieve when they quit smoking, and so we’re asking - what will your #QYWresult be?

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What will your results be

Freyas #QYWresults

Want to quit smoking? You might be surprised at the results you can achieve! When Freya quit, it helped with her anxiety. What will your #QYWresult be?

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