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Info for Me

NHS 24 and Macmillan Cancer Support have jointly developed the Info for Me tool which allows anyone using NHS inform to create tailored online leaflets.

Over 200 patients, carers and professionals were involved in the user testing of Info for Me, their contribution being instrumental in the development of the tool.

The Info for Me tool enables users to bring together everything which is relevant to them into a single place, which can then be easily shared, printed or saved.

Try it on a page of your choice by selecting the Info for Me icon at the top right corner of your page.

National Service Directory

Our new National Service Directory is being developed by NHS 24 in partnership with Macmillan Cancer Support in a 3 year project which will allow its maximum potential to be reached.

The directory brings together:

  • our existing locations of care database containing GPs, pharmacies, out of hours clinics, sexual health clinics and hospital locations
  • additional health and social care quality assured services

National Service Directory

Use your postcode to find the names, addresses, opening times and service details for NHS services in your area.
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Self-help guides

Our new self-help guides enables users to get information and advice on some of the more common symptoms that people call the NHS 24 111 service about.

User feedback, patient engagement events and discussions with a range of professionals have informed the new self-help development.

The newly integrated self-help guide is fully aligned with NHS 24's 111 out of hours telephone service and is clinically approved to sit alongside our health and care content, enabling people to manage their own symptoms across a range of conditions.

Self-help guides

Find out if it's safe to manage your symptoms at home and when to seek help.
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