See4School: focussed on your children's eyes

Scotland's orthoptists are working hard to ensure your child can See4School.

The See4school programme is an important, free test which can spot sight problems before your child starts school.

Vision screening for pre-schoolers

Before your child starts school, they'll be offered an eye test, known as pre-school orthoptic vision screening, under the See4School programme.

It's a check for reduced vision in one or both eyes and can also reveal other eye conditions.

See4Schoolis run by health professionals known as orthoptists.

The test is non-invasive, doesn't involve eyedrops and most pre-school youngsters enoy it.

You can watch a test being carried out in our video or visit the children's vision screening pages.

Pre-school vision screening (

Orthoptist Lee Pentland carries out a test at Aberfoyle Too Nursery in Dundee

Where tests are carried out

Depending on your health board's policy, your child will be tested at one of the following 3 locations:

  • Your child’s nursery
  • Community clinic
  • Hospital eye clinic

Why screen?

Your child will benefit from:

  • early detection of visual problems
  • quicker treatment - glasses, eye patches or both
  • starting school with the best possible vision.

Results on the day

There's no delay in getting results under the See4School programme.

If your child is tested at nursery the orthoptist will complete an eye test result slip and place it in an envelope with your child’s name.

Most children have healthy eyes but some may need a second test and a small number could be referred to an optician or opthamologist.