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Digital technology can reshape and improve the health and social care services you and your family receive.  The Scottish Government  is looking for your experience, views and ideas to help it plan digital health and care for the future.

What is digital technology?

We experience digital technology in a whole range of ways – online banking, holiday bookings, internet shopping.  But increasingly, digital technology is being used in health and social care – maybe you use a Fitbit or a fitness or calorie app on your smart phone.  We are seeing an increasing range of devices and services being built to improve our health and support us in our own homes. Health and social care professionals use digital technology in their work to support and improve the services you use.

Here’s a short video created by The Health and Social Care Alliance last year, explaining how digital technology supports health and social care, and how it could develop in the near future. 

Once you’ve watched the video, let us have your views, email your comments or follow eHealthScotland on Twitter.

  • How comfortable are you, or the people you know, with using device such as tablets, smart phones, apps, or wearable technology? Share your experience and your views here
  • Read our draft Vision for the future of digital in health and social care. Do you agree with it?  What ideas do you have?

What services are supported by digital technology?

We’ve been using digital technology in health and social care services for years in Scotland.  Already there are many ways in which technology supports people in their own homes or in a homely setting, supports health and social care professionals in their work, and allows people to manage their health in partnership with professionals.

Here are a few examples of the many ways that technology is already helping people.

  • GP practice website providing information about services
  • Online appointment booking at your GP practice
  • Online repeat prescriptions
  • Care Information Scotland website
  • Technology Enabled Care, eg, home alarm, remote monitoring
  • Health and wellbeing apps and websites
  • Remote consultations using Skype etc

There are also many pilot projects under way using digital technology to help and support people in Scotland in their health and wellbeing.  You can see examples on eHealth Scotland's website or follow eHealth Scotland on Twitter to get the latest updates.

  • How do you think digital technology could, or should, support your health and care in the future? Share your ideas and views here
  • What benefits or difficulties can you see from the increased use of digital technology?
  • What ideas do you have for the future use of digital technology?

Digital technology empowering you

Health and social care services are integrated in Scotland and work is under way to encourage closer collaboration.  The overall aim is to have more ‘person-centred’ services so that people are supported to lead independent lives at home or in a homely setting – which is what most people want.  The Scottish Government’s Health and Social Care Delivery Plan and the National Clinical Strategy set out the future for health and social care services in Scotland.

Digital technology offers a real opportunity to bring about these changes and enable and empower you in the management of your wellbeing, properly supported by the professionals.

  • How do you feel you personally could benefit from using digital tools and technology?
  • How comfortable do you or those you know feel about using digital tools and technology, or do you feel you need to learn more?
  • What ideas do you have for making sure that everyone in Scotland has access to the right digital tools, connections and skills?
  • Do you see any barriers or difficulties, and how do you think these can be overcome?

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