Scotland's screening programmes return

Safety a priority for patients and staff

NHS Scotland's national screening programmes are resuming in stages with new safety measures

Screening programmes are resuming

NHS Scotland's national screening programmes, which were paused in March because of coronavirus (COVID-19), are set to resume safely, carefully and in a series of stages. Cervical screening has already begun.

We’re changing the way we deliver screening services to make sure we can keep you and our staff safe during this difficult time. We'd like to reassure you there is no change to the screening tests themselves.

Pregnancy and newborn screening

Pregnancy and newborn screening programmes have continued throughout the coronavirus outbreak. These are tests and scans offered during pregnancy and just after birth.

Bowel screening paused

While we haven't begun bowel screening yet, colonoscopies have resumed.

Your NHS Board will be in touch if you are due to attend an appointment.

Bowel screening kits will be issued when NHS Scotland have caught up with colonoscopy appointments.

Bowel screening during coronavirus

Breast screening resumes

The breast screening service has resumed.

Letters will be prioritised for those invited for breast screening before the pause who were unable to attend or had their appointment cancelled.

Breast screening during coronavirus

Cervical screening has resumed

Anyone invited for cervical screening before the pause should contact their GP practice to make an appointment. This applies to anyone who was yet to make an appointment or who had made an appointment which was then cancelled.

Appointment invitations and reminders are now being posted, with invitations sent first to those who receive more frequent (non-routine) cervical screening appointments.

Routine screening will resume once NHS Scotland has caught up with non-routine appointments affected by the pause.

Cervical screening during coronavirus