What is telecare?

Telecare is the use of discreet equipment that can help tell someone if there is an emergency or if you are having difficulties in your home. It can be used in a variety of ways, for example:

  • to call for help if you fall
  • to remind you to take your pills at the correct time
  • to sense risks such as smoke, floods and gas leaks
  • to notify someone if you leave your home and would have difficulty finding your way back
  • or to help you stay safe when out and about

As well as peace of mind for you, your family, and your carers, telecare may give you more freedom to live independently in your own home.

Telecare services to support you maintaining a healthy and independent lifestyle at home are available across Scotland but the services offered will depend upon where you live.


Watch this animation to find out how telecare could help you

Would telecare benefit you?

A group of telecare specialists from health and social care partnerships designed and developed a self check online tool, to show the benefits of telecare and how it could help you stay safe and well at home and in your community.

There are many reasons why telecare might benefit you. For example, if you have a long term condition, have had a trip or fall, or need help with remembering to take your medication telecare could help.

Anyone can fill out the self-check form for themselves or for someone they know, to see what equipment might be available in your area. Telecare can help you live independently and give you peace of mind that someone will know if something is wrong and can help can get for you.

Telecare self-check tool

Take the quick self-check test to see if you or someone you know could benefit from telecare.

  • you'll be asked between 3 and 6 questions
  • the check should take between 3 and 5 minutes to complete
  • you do not need to give any personal details
  • the check gives useful advice and will say if you or someone you know should apply for Telecare

You can also print and save the completed assessment and refer to this as and when you need to. The tool will also direct you to your local authority for further information and guidance on the next steps.

Take the online self check test now
Telecare Self Check Online Tool

Why is telecare important?

Expanding the use of telecare services in Scotland is one of the government's major areas of work as part of the Technology Enabled Care (TEC) programme. The use of telecare complements the government's wider health and care strategy and helps support health and social care partnerships meet the increasing demand on their services.