World Immunisation Week 2022

Vaccines and immunisations help protect against serious diseases, providing long life for all.

Being fully up to date with you and your family’s immunisations allows children to grow up healthy, keeps adults safe and protects your community.

Why should I get immunised?


Immunisation is a way of protecting against serious diseases.  Once you have been immunised, your body is better able to fight these diseases if you come into contact with them.

What vaccines will I be offered and when?

NHS Scotland provides a number of vaccinations for people at different stages in their life.

Pregnancy and baby

The vaccines you'll be offered during pregnancy, and your baby will be offered after birth, include the:

Some babies will be offered additional vaccines if they are high risk for other conditions.

Read more about the different vaccines and when you'll be offered them. 

Children from 2 to 11 years
Young people from 12 to 25 years

The vaccines that will be offered to young people include the:

Some young people with medical conditions may be offered additional vaccinations.

Read more about the different vaccines and when you'll be offered them.

Older adults over 65 years
Children and adults without a spleen (asplenia)

In addition to routine immunisations, children and adults without a spleen will be offered the following additional vaccines:

Read more about why people without a spleen are offered additional vaccines.

Travel vaccinations

Before you travel, it is important to see if you need any vaccinations.

Read more about what vaccines are available and where to access these in your local area.

The vaccines offered in Scotland have been tested for safety and effectiveness. Their safety continues to be monitored while they are in use.

Leaflets about immunisations are available in a range of other languages and formats, including Arabic, Polish, Mandarin (simplified Chinese), BSL, Easy Read and Audio.

What are the benefits of immunisation?

When enough people are vaccinated against an infection, it's more difficult for the infection to spread to those who are not immunised. This is called herd immunity or population protection.

Getting all the vaccinations you're eligible for protects you and those around you at work, home, and in your community from serious diseases.

Find out more about the benefits of immunisation.

How do I get my immunisations?

You'll be invited for any routine immunisations that you or your child are eligible for. This will either be by letter or by your local health board getting in touch by phone. 

If you or your child have missed a vaccination appointment, please follow the instructions in your invitation letter or contact your local health board to rearrange your appointment.

If you think you or your child have missed out on a routine immunisation, phone your local health board. They will be able to advise if it is clinically appropriate for you to have a routine vaccine that you have missed.

World Immunisation Week 2022

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