Health rights support for carers and other groups

Mental Welfare Commission for Scotland

The Mental Welfare Commission for Scotland (MWC) helps to look after the rights and welfare of those with mental illness, learning disabilities and other related conditions.

They can also give you information and advice on people's rights under the Adults with Incapacity Act.

Office of the Public Guardian (Scotland)

The Office of the Public Guardian can provide information about becoming a legal proxy.

Information Commissioner’s Office (Scotland)

The Information Commissioner’s Office (Scotland) can provide more information about your rights under the Data Protection Act.

They can also be contacted if you wish to complain about how the NHS has used or protected your information.

Healthcare Improvement Scotland

Healthcare Improvement Scotland (HIS) set the standards and quality of care that NHS is expected to meet.

Care Information Scotland

Care Information Scotland (CIS) offers a single point of care information for older people in Scotland through their website and helpline.

You can reach the CIS helpline on 0800 011 3200.