Quit Your Way Scotland

Quit Your Way Scotland is an advice and support service for anyone trying to stop smoking in Scotland.

You can contact Quit Your Way Scotland for free by:

The helpline is open:

  • Monday to Friday, 9am to 5pm

The webchat service is open within those times depending on the availability of an adviser.

How Quit Your Way Scotland can help

Quit Your Way Scotland is run by NHS 24 on behalf of the Scottish Government. It’s staffed by trained advisers who’ll be able to give you personalised advice.

The service can:

Who is Quit Your Way Scotland for?

Quit Your Way Scotland is here to help you if you’re:

  • just beginning to think about stopping smoking
  • ready to stop
  • trying to stop smoking again
  • looking for more information on stopping smoking

Quit Your Way Scotland has no minimum age limit.

If you’re smoking alongside recreational drugs, we can signpost you to help and advice.

Quit Your Way Scotland won’t send you any letters without your consent.

Stop smoking for your mental health

Stopping smoking is associated with improved mental health and overall wellbeing.

What happens when I get in touch?

When you contact a Quit Your Way Scotland adviser they’ll find out as much as they can about your smoking habits. They’ll offer advice and information to increase your chances of stopping for good.

Everyone’s different, and that means the way you stop smoking needs to be tailored to your needs. It’s all about finding a combination that works for you.

Quit Your Way Scotland know that willpower alone isn’t always enough to stop for good. Our advisers will guide you through what’s helped other people, and help you figure out what’s most likely to work for you. This could range from advice and information, to finding you help in your local area.

72 hours and beyond

With support from Quit Your Way Scotland you can beat your cravings in the first 72 hours and beyond.

Build your own quit smoking plan

Quitting smoking is tough, but being prepared increases your chances of success. Complete 7 easy steps to create your own personalised quit plan to help you get ready to stop smoking.

Our quit plan tool can help you:

  • set your quit date
  • choose your reasons for quitting
  • identify your smoking triggers
  • prepare to fight your cravings
  • get rid of smoking reminders

Getting help from local services

Scotland’s free local stop smoking services can hugely increase your chances of having a successful quit attempt and staying stopped for good.

Wherever you stay in Scotland, you can get help from your local pharmacy and specialist stop smoking services.

More about pharmacy and 1-to-1 stop smoking support

Ongoing support

Lots of people contact Quit Your Way Scotland for a bit of support when they’re feeling tempted. We can help keep you motivated and strong. It doesn’t matter whether you want to speak to us for 2 minutes or 10 minutes, we’re here to listen and help.

You don’t have to give up smoking alone. With advice and support, you’re much more likely to successfully quit smoking.

Even if your last quit attempt wasn’t successful, Quit Your Way Scotland can help you get back on track.

Read more about stopping smoking after a relapse

Request a quit booklet

If you live in Scotland, you can use our form to request some information booklets to help with your quit attempt.

How to Stop Smoking and Stay Stopped

There are a range of myths around stopping smoking. There’s no truth to these myths so don’t let them put you off stopping before you get started.

This booklet will give you the best possible chance of success, especially if used together with the free support and stop-smoking medication.

View a PDF of this booklet now

iQuit – Stopping Smoking When You’re Pregnant

If you’re pregnant, there’s never been a better time to stop smoking. The earlier you stop smoking in your pregnancy, the better.

This booklet explains why the choices you make when you’re pregnant affect your baby’s health as well as yours, and how to get support to help you quit.

View a PDF of this booklet now

If you prefer, you can request a booklet by post.

Last updated:
19 April 2024