Information for coronavirus (COVID-19) vaccination clinical trial participants

NHS Scotland are extremely grateful to everyone who has volunteered for coronavirus (COVID-19) vaccine trials in Scotland. You have made an important contribution in tackling the coronavirus pandemic.

Clinical trial participants have the same vaccine status as someone who has been vaccinated through the NHS vaccination programme.

NHS Scotland are committed to ensuring that you are not disadvantaged. Work is ongoing to ensure your vaccine status is correctly presented on the coronavirus vaccine database.

How to request your record of vaccination status

If you have participated in coronavirus vaccine clinical trials in Scotland, you should have already received a letter from the Principal Investigator on your study confirming your involvement.

Your letter allows you to attend events or access services throughout the UK in the same way as those who are fully vaccinated.

There are several trials active in Scotland. The way in which you access your certificate depends on which trial you took part in.

Oxford-AstraZeneca and Janssen clinical trials

The vaccines on both the Oxford-AstraZeneca and Janssen studies are now approved for use in the UK.

For Janssen, a single-dose vaccine is authorised for use in the UK. Participants that have had one or two doses as part of a clinical trial are considered fully vaccinated.

Your clinical trial team will have uploaded your details to the national database, and you will be able to obtain a record of your vaccination status through the standard route.

Further information on how to obtain your vaccination status

If you have a problem accessing your certificate, you should phone the COVID-19 Status Helpline on 0808 196 8565. 

Medicago and Novavax clinical trials

If you were on the Novavax or Medicago clinical trials, these involve vaccines that are not yet authorised for use in the UK.

You will receive your record of vaccination status by post. You do not need to do anything.

If you have not received your status by 16 September 2021 or if you have lost it, contact your Principal Investigator. They will be able to arrange for the record to be sent to you.

If you took part in a clinical trial at a site that is not part of the NHS, it will take a bit longer for you to get a record of your vaccination status.

Valneva clinical trial

A small number of people on this trial received an authorised vaccine, and can access their certificate via the normal route.

Further information on how to obtain your vaccination status

Everyone else on the trial will receive a record of vaccination status by post. You do not have to do anything

If you have not received your status by 16 September 2021, you have lost it or you're unable to access your certificate via the normal route, contact your Principal Investigator. They will be able to arrange for your status to be sent to you.

If you were on another clinical trial

There are other trials active in Scotland. These are mainly studies of additional doses, provided in addition to an approved vaccine.

People on these trials are likely to have received their initial vaccination through the normal route.

Further information on how to obtain your vaccination status

The situation of these trials is being monitored and any change in advice will be provided to participants.  

If you are taking part in one of these studies and cannot access your certificate, please contact your Principal Investigator.

Your vaccine certificate 

If you have been sent vaccine certificate for Novavax, Medicago or Valneva trial participation, these are currently paper-based and contain a 1D barcode.

You will currently not be able to access your vaccine status via the Scotland COVID Status App. This is because the standard NHS Scotland routes currently can't accommodate all of the technical details for those people who have participated in a coronavirus vaccine clinical trial. This continues to be worked on in an effort to provide a digital solution.

These certificates are fully equivalent to the certificates provided through the digital route for use domestically, and in the common travel area (CTA). They enable easier access to venues and will also permit smoother inbound entry to the UK.

They do not have QR codes but be assured QR codes are not an absolute requirement for domestic certification. UK partners have agreed that Records of Vaccination certificates for clinical trial participants will be accepted at venues

Coronavirus booster vaccination

The JCVI has agreed clinical trial participants who are eligible for boosters should be offered them in line with the main eligibility criteria.

If your clinical trial has completed or you have opted out of your clinical trial

If you’re invited for a booster vaccination appointment, you should attend to have your booster dose.

If you feel that you are eligible for a booster dose and have not been invited, you should phone the national vaccination helpline on 0800 030 8013.

If your clinical trial is going ahead

Your Principal Investigator and study team will advise you about receiving a booster dose and they will make arrangements with your local health board for a vaccination appointment.

You should discuss this with your Principal Investigator and study team, even if you have received a vaccination invitation, or if you feel that you are eligible for a booster and have not been invited.

Travel Information

Countries set their own entry requirements for incoming travellers.

Travel to Scotland

You should ccess the latest information via the Scottish Government. This includes information for those taking part in formally approved coronavirus vaccine clinical trials in the UK or the US.

International travel

There is no confirmation yet that the letter from your Principal Investigator or the Record of Vaccination Status will be acceptable by all countries. However, the Scottish Government is working with the UK Government to negotiate with other countries to enable vaccine trial participants to be treated as fully vaccinated if they have a Record of Vaccination Status.

If you are planning to travel abroad, you should always check country entry requirements before traveling on the UK Government website.

Clinical trial participants who have had Novavax, Valneva or Medicago (MHRA non-authorised vaccines) can discuss the possibility of getting additional doses of a deployed vaccine to enable travel with their Principal Investigator. Principal Investigators will discuss this on an individual basis and, if agreed, arrange for the deployed vaccine to be administered.  

Self-isolation as a contact of someone with coronavirus

If you are a fully vaccinated adult (including those who have participated in a clinical trial), you should get a PCR test as soon as possible and isolate until you have received your result. If your PCR test result is negative and you remain asymptomatic, you can end self-isolation as a close contact. Separate guidance exists for those contacts who are working in health and social care.

Who to contact

The information that you received about your clinical trial will contain contact details for your Principal Investigator. If you don’t have this information, you can e-mail the NHS Research Scotland team at:

Please only contact this e-mail if you have taken part in a clinical trial. No support can be provided for general enquiries.

Further information

For any general coronavirus vaccine enquiries, you can phone 0800 030 8013.