At your coronavirus vaccination appointment

The coronavirus (COVID-19) vaccine will be given in 2 doses. It offers good protection within 2 to 3 weeks of the first dose.

The vaccine will be given as an injection in the upper arm. It'll only take a few minutes to get the coronavirus vaccine.

During vaccination, strict infection prevention and control measures will be in place. Staff will wear face masks and ensure their hands are sanitised between patient appointments.

What to expect in a large vaccination site

What to expect in a smaller vaccination site

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If you feel unwell

If you're unwell on the day of your appointment, you should still go for your vaccination if it's a minor illness without fever.

If you feel very unwell your vaccine may be postponed until you have fully recovered.

Do not attend your vaccine appointment if you feel unwell with symptoms of coronavirus. Self-isolate and book a test instead.

If you've already had coronavirus

Even if you’ve already had coronavirus, you could still get it again. The vaccine will reduce your risk of another infection and the seriousness of your symptoms if you do get it again.

If you've recently tested positive for coronavirus – even if you have no symptoms – you should wait until 4 weeks after the date you were tested before getting the vaccine.

The vaccine is your best protection against coronavirus. NHS Scotland strongly recommends you get the vaccine as soon as it's offered to you.

Preparing for the vaccination

On the day of your vaccine, wear practical clothing so it’s easy to access your upper arm.

If you have a fear of needles or feel anxious, try to stay calm and let the person giving you your vaccine know. They will be understanding and can support you.

You can bring a carer, a sighted guide/translator or a guide/hearing dog to your appointment if required. You may also bring your child/children if you need to.

You should ideally wait 7 days between the coronavirus vaccine and any other vaccination.

Remember to plan ahead and allow time for travel to venues, including parking options.

If you are invited to a drive-through clinic and do not have a car, please rearrange your appointment. Drive-through clinics are not safe for pedestrians - you must attend in a vehicle.

Help with planning your public transport journey is available on the Traveline Scotland website or by phoning 0141 465 1878 (open 24 hours).

Wear a face covering while travelling to, from and during your appointment and maintain physical distancing at all times.

You should also wash or sanitise your hands regularly.