Vaccine appointment checker

NHS Scotland's appointment checker allows you to check if you have a coronavirus (COVID-19) vaccination appointment scheduled for you.

You should use this if you:

  • want to see if you have an appointment coming up and have not yet received a text or letter
  • want to see if you need to reschedule
  • have moved away from the address that you are registered at your GP with and your post might not reach you
  • have lost your letter

If you are waiting on your second dose appointment and it has been over 8 weeks since your first dose, you should phone the COVID-19 Vaccination Helpline on 0800 030 8013.

If no appointment is scheduled for you please check again another time. An appointment will be added for you soon.

Already have your appointment details

If you have already received your vaccination invitation and the appointment isn't suitable, you can reschedule your appointment.