Social care workers

The Scottish Government is offering the free flu vaccine to social care workers of all ages employed by local authorities, private providers and third sector organisations who regularly deliver direct care and support. This includes, but is not limited to:

  • people working in hospitals
  • people working in residential care for adults
  • people working in children’s residential or secure care
  • those working in the community, providing care at home (including housing support and personal assistants)

Protecting those most at risk

If social care staff catch flu, they can spread it to their colleagues and the people they care for, even if they have very mild symptoms or no symptoms at all.

Social care workers often come into contact with those most vulnerable to the seasonal flu.

Social care workers who are vaccinated will:

  • help to protect social care workers from flu
  • indirectly protect the people they care for

Avoiding the spread of flu

A high rate of social care worker vaccinations will help protect individual staff members and reduce the risks of passing on flu infections to the most vulnerable people in social care premises.

In addition, it will help to maintain the workforce and minimise disruption to services providing patient or client care by reducing staff sickness absence.

The flu vaccine provides the best protection available against the virus.

You’ll be invited to get the vaccine from September onwards, so you’re protected before flu viruses start to circulate, which is usually in winter.

The vaccine:

  • does not contain live viruses, and cannot give you flu
  • has to be given every year because the virus changes constantly and your immunity reduces over time

The best way for social care staff to avoid flu is to get a flu vaccine.

How do I get the flu vaccine?

Each NHS Board will work with social care organisations providing direct hands-on care to arrange flu vaccination for social care staff.

Book your flu vaccine online

You can book your flu vaccine online.

If you are eligible, you may receive a coronavirus (COVID-19) booster vaccination with your flu vaccine.

Further information

More information is available in the flu vaccine - social care workers leaflet.

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