Racket sports

Racket sports include any other sport where you use rackets to hit a ball or shuttlecock to play, including:

  • tennis
  • badminton
  • squash

They can be played competitively or just for fun and are a great form of physical activity. Depending on the intensity of play, racket sports will count either as moderate or vigorous aerobic activity.

Racket sports provide weather-proof opportunities for fitness and fun. They also work brilliantly for those wanting to get fit with friends, or to compete at local, regional or national level.

Health benefits of racket sports

Aerobic activities bring benefits like reduced risk of chronic illnesses including:

Racket sports can also help you to maintain a healthy body weight and reduce your resting blood pressure.

Racket sports do have some muscle strengthening benefits both to the upper body and arms and legs. They can also improve your coordination, balance and general mobility.

How to start playing racket sports

To get started you’ll need an appropriate racket for the type of sport you are going to play, along with appropriate footwear. Sport shops will be able to advise on the best one for you. You don’t need to spend a lot of money on equipment, particularly if you’re a beginner.

Your local community school, gym or leisure centre will usually have tennis, badminton or squash facilities. Check your local authority or leisure trust website or contact them directly to find out more details. They may even have equipment you can borrow or rent to play with.

You can also find local opportunities to play racket sports on the Sportscotland website.

You’ll need someone to play with so bring a friend or family member, or check for nearby groups that you can join.

Last updated:
29 November 2022

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