If you’re aged 50 to 74, you'll be sent a bowel screening test kit every 2 years.

If you're 75 or over you can still take a bowel screening test every 2 years. You'll need to request a new test kit each time. You won't be sent one automatically.

Send one small sample of poo and your results will be posted within 2 weeks.

What you'll be sent

The new bowel screening test kit includes:

New return envelope

The return envelope you've been sent with the bowel screening test kit has recently been updated to yellow in colour. Your instructions will show a white envelope.

Please use the envelope you've been sent. Our instructions will be updated soon to show the new envelope.

How to do the bowel screening test (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bLASx2S4sxQ)

Watch Cancer Research UK's step by step video guide to the bowel screening test.

Bowel screening: It's Up To You (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eB6JQM_Tsjo)

Introduction to bowel screening and how to take a sample.
This video has been specially made to help people with learning difficulties, although the same techniques apply for everyone.


what you'll need to take the home test

To do the test you’ll need:

  • your test
  • the small label from your letter
  • a pen
  • something to help you collect your sample

To collect your poo sample you could use toilet paper placed in the toilet or an empty and clean plastic container like an ice cream or margarine tub.

Get ready

how to take the home test

Before you collect your sample:

  1. take your label from the front of your letter
  2. stick it on the side of the test marked with the '+'
  3. write the date you take the test on the other side of the tube

Collecting your sample

To collect a sample:

  1. Catch your poo using toilet paper or a container
  2. Twist the top of the test to open it - the lid of the test has a stick attached
  3. Take a small sample of poo using the stick
  4. Replace the lid of the test and close
  5. Flush the toilet paper or bag and bin any container used

After collecting your sample, put the finished test with the label on it in the prepaid envelope and post it as soon as possible.

Further information

If you've any questions about using the home bowel screening test kit, contact the Scottish Bowel Screening Centre by:

The helpline's free and confidential. If there’s nobody available to take your call, please leave a voicemail message and a member of staff will return your call.