HIV PrEP is a medicine that stops you getting HIV.

One partner is HIV positive, the other is negative

PrEP is for everyone who may be at risk of HIV. This includes people whose partner has recently been diagnosed with HIV or if you do not know your partner’s HIV status.

Is HIV PrEP for me?

A serodiscordant partnership is where one partner is HIV negative and the other is living with HIV.

If you’re HIV negative and your sexual partner is living with HIV, you might want to consider PrEP in certain circumstances.

If your partner has been diagnosed with HIV, has been taking HIV medication for at least 6 months, and their viral load is undetectable, there is no risk of HIV transmission through sex. An undetectable viral load means that the level of HIV in their body is too low to be measured by a blood test and will not be transmitted through sex. In this case, you do not need PrEP.

If your partner is newly diagnosed with HIV and has only just started treatment, you may want to consider PrEP until their viral load becomes undetectable.

If you have sex without a condom with more than one sexual partner and don’t know their status, HIV PrEP can reduce your chance of becoming infected with HIV.

Read further information about what HIV PrEP is including:

  • what will happen at your first appointment
  • who should not take PrEP
  • how dosing works
  • possible side effects

HIV PrEP leaflet

PrEP leaflet for serodiscordant partners

Information about HIV PrEP for serodiscordant partners (one partner is HIV positive, the other is negative)

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