HIV PrEP is a medicine that stops you getting HIV.

People who inject drugs

PrEP is for everyone who may be at risk of HIV. This includes people who inject drugs living in Scotland.

Is HIV PrEP for me?

Using drugs does not stop you from accessing HIV PrEP.

HIV PrEP is a medicine that can stop you getting HIV through sex. It’s not known if PrEP prevents HIV through sharing injecting equipment. PrEP isn’t licenced in Scotland to protect against passing HIV from sharing injecting equipment. So using PrEP as well as sterile injecting equipment which is never shared or reused will help protect you from HIV.

Using female condom or condoms with lube when having sex will help protect against HIV as well as other STIs and pregnancy.

​Read further information about what HIV PrEP is including:

  • what will happen at your first appointment
  • who should not take PrEP
  • how dosing works
  • possible side effects

HIV PrEP leaflet

PrEP leaflet for people who inject drugs

Information about HIV PrEP for people who inject drugs

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