HIV PrEP is a medicine that stops you getting HIV.

Trans and non-binary people

PrEP is for everyone who may be at risk of HIV. This includes trans and non-binary people.

Is HIV PrEP for me?

Trans and non-binary people who have penetrative anal or frontal sex without a condom may be at increased risk of HIV. Frontal sex is an alternative term for vaginal sex used by some trans and non-binary people. PrEP can help to protect you from HIV.

PrEP can be used with all forms of contraception.

HIV PrEP is safe for trans or non-binary people who are taking hormones. PrEP is effective regardless of any gender-affirming surgeries that you’ve had.

Read further information about what HIV PrEP is including:

  • what will happen at your first appointment
  • who should not take PrEP
  • how dosing works
  • possible side effects

HIV PrEP leaflet

PrEP leaflet for trans and non-binary people

Information about HIV PrEP for trans and non-binary people

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