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About dementia

Dementia is an umbrella term for a range of conditions associated with damage to the brain or brain cells (neuron). This means the brain cannot work as well as it should.

Dementia can affect your ability to remember, think and speak. It also affects how you feel and behave.

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Worried about memory loss?

As you get older, you may find that memory loss becomes a problem. It’s normal for your memory to be affected by things like stress or tiredness.

But, dementia is not a normal part of the ageing process.

Get advice if you’re worried about dementia 

Speak to your GP practice if:

Memory loss:

  • affects your daily life
  • is worrying you or someone you know

Living with dementia

People can, and do, live a good life with dementia for years. Because dementia is progressive and affects different people in different ways, it’s important to continue to do what matters to you.

Support with dementia

There are many organisations that can help if you or someone else is affected by dementia. This includes:

You can get advice on dementia support groups through:

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