Nipple inversion (inside out nipple)

Nipple inversion is common and is usually nothing to worry about. Nipple inversion itself doesn’t need specific treatment.

The nipple usually looks folded in with a horizontal crease. It may remain turned in most of the time.

Innocent nipple inversion on pale skin

Causes of nipple inversion

Milk ducts run into the back of the nipple. These ducts are elastic and this can cause nipples to turn in. But, they do come back out.

Occasionally, the nipple can turn in due to a cancer pulling on the milk ducts.

Managing nipple inversion

You should speak to your GP practice if you develop a new nipple inversion that does not come back out.

Surgery is not usually recommended to improve the cosmetic appearance of nipple inversion. This is because the issue usually comes back.


You can usually still breast feed if you have nipple inversion.

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Last updated:
18 October 2023