Coronavirus (COVID-19): Communications toolkit

It is essential that the people of Scotland receive the correct information, pathways of care and resources from NHS Scotland in relation to coronavirus (COVID-19).

NHS inform is being regularly updated with the latest clinically approved guidance in partnership with Health Protection Scotland.

We have created a range of materials to communicate this information to the public. These are regularly reviewed and updated.

Coronavirus resources

We have developed leaflets, posters and graphics for you to print and share with staff and service users.

Coronavirus guidance for visiting loved ones in hospital - 2 posters (ZIP, 2.5 MB)

Coronavirus posters for public toilets (ZIP, 1 MB)

Coronavirus Port of Entry information and guidance posters (ZIP, 12.4 MB)

Child immunisation social media advice graphics (ZIP, 1.3 MB)

Screening temporary pause social media advice graphics (ZIP, 860 KB)

Letter from Interim Chief Medical Officer: Continuation of immunisation programme (PDF, 228 KB)

Coronavirus Phase 3 communications resources

Communications toolkits with posters, leaflets, infographics and animations related to lockdown Phase 3:

Phase 3 Travel (ZIP, 22.8 MB)

Phase 3 Face Covering Posters (ZIP, 7.6 MB)

Phase 3 digital advert - We are Scotland 1080 x 1080px (MP4, 18 MB)

Phase 3 digital advert - We are Scotland 1080 x 1920px (MP4, 19 MB)

Phase 3 digital advert - We are Scotland 1920 x 1080px (MP4, 18.7 MB)

Coronavirus local outbreak communications resources

This includes links to templates that can be customised for local areas, as well generic social media images and gifs that can be used quickly. Also included is guidance for media use, radio scripts and social media copy, as well as links to Test and Protect materials to help in your approach.

Local outbreaks Ad Templates and Guidance Toolkit (PDF, 784 KB) 

Local outbreaks: Poster and press templates (ZIP, 50 MB)

Local outbreaks: Social media templates (ZIP, 2 MB)

Coronavirus FACTS communications resources

Communications materials relating to the FACTS campaign

FACTS Campaign Assets (ZIP, 8.7 MB)

FACTS Posters: Additional languages and formats (ZIP, 5.4MB)

Coronavirus Test and Protect communications resources

Communications materials relating to Test and Protect.

Test and Protect – posters and infographics (ZIP, 16.23 MB)

Test and Protect – social media images (ZIP, 1.55 MB)

Test and Protect – social media ads and post copy (ZIP, 6.81 MB)

Stakeholder and partner resources for the Protect Scotland app

Coronavirus September Restrictions and Control the Spread resources

Communications materials for the September Restrictions and Control the Spread campaign.

September Restrictions Campaign Assets (ZIP, 506 KB)

Control the Spread Campaign Assets (ZIP, 576 KB)

Video content

For the latest video content please visit the Scottish Government channels:

Primary care support resources

This toolkit is intended to help you support patients with concerns other than coronavirus, such as common symptoms, minor ailments, dental health and concerns due to screening programmes being temporarily paused.

We've included a number of posts that can be used in your own social channels. There are links throughout to clinically approved advice on NHS inform and from the team at NHS 24 – the same team who take care of your patients when they call us out of hours.

By signposting to these services we anticipate that more people will be able to care for themselves at home, reducing pressure on GP practices and NHS 24 phone lines.

Communication toolkit for patients in primary care who do not have coronavirus (PDF, 596 KB)

Alternative formats and new communication channels

This toolkit explains how people with communication differences can access our coronavirus information in their preferred language or format - including audio, easy read and British Sign Language (BSL).

There is also information about the new coronavirus webchat, chatbot, voice bot and app.

We've included suggested text you may want to use in your bulletins and social media posts to promote these resources.

NHS 24 coronavirus communication equalities toolkit (ZIP, 2.7MB)