Coronavirus (COVID-19): Ask NHS inform a question


At NHS inform we are making more information on coronavirus (COVID-19) available on a daily basis. We want to give you choices around getting the information you need as quickly as possible.

Our question and answer service gives you another option of getting information if:

  • you can't find the information on NHS inform
  • your situation isn't life-threatening

The service is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Where is the content from?

The Q&A service gives you an opportunity to quickly access information about coronavirus, including the vaccination programme.

It uses content from the NHS inform website which is written from quality assured sources in collaboration with clinicians following our editorial guidelines.

Vaccination related content

Our question and answer service will be able to answer general questions around the vaccine programme.

It will not be able to provide answers to person-specific questions, such as

  • When will I receive my vaccine?
  • Where will I receive the vaccine?
  • What variant of the vaccine will I get?

It also will not be able to provide statistical data related to the vaccination programme. You can find that information on the Public Health Scotland website.

Will I speak to anyone?

When you use the Q&A service it will automatically search for a relevant answer from information on the NHS inform website. You are not entering into a conversation with another person.

How is my information used?

Any information you type into the service will be used to improve our coronavirus content on NHS inform. We will be able to see what questions are more popular than others . The more you use the Q&A service, the more insight we will get into the type of information our users need.

Read more about how the NHS handles your personal health information.

Using the question and answer service

Simply type your coronavirus query into the text box. You will then receive an answer. This could be:

  • a direct answer
  • a recommendation to visit a related page
  • a follow-up question
  • a message stating that we can't find an answer to your question

Please ensure that your questions:

  • are as short as possible
  • do not contain any personal information
  • relate to Scotland only

Ask the NHS inform website about coronavirus (COVID-19)

If you have a non-urgent question about coronavirus, ask the NHS inform website for an automated answer.
Ask the NHS inform website a non-urgent question about COVID-19