Coronavirus (COVID-19): Get a test if you do not have symptoms

Free, fast and regular testing for people who do not have symptoms of coronavirus (COVID-19) is available to everyone in Scotland.

Around 1 in 3 people with coronavirus do not show symptoms, so can spread the virus to others without knowing.

Regular testing helps us to find positive cases in people who have no symptoms, but who are still infectious. If people who test positive self-isolate, we can break chain of transmission and help limit the spread of coronavirus.

A negative lateral flow device (LFD) test does not guarantee that you do not have coronavirus. You must continue to follow protective measures.

What test you’ll be offered

The test mainly being used for people without symptoms is an LFD test.

LFD tests detect proteins in coronavirus. They’re simple and quick to use.

Who can get an LFD test

Everyone in Scotland can do this type of test twice a week. You should also take an LFD test before you socialise or travel in Scotland.

If you have symptoms of coronavirus, do not use an LFD test. Self-isolate immediately and book a PCR test instead.

Children and young people

You need to be aged 18 or over to collect or order the test kits. Anyone aged 12 to 17 should ask an adult to collect or order a test kit for them. They should then self-test and report their result under adult supervision. We do not recommend regular testing for children who go to primary school, or who are younger than primary school age.

You should not use a LFD test if you:

  • have coronavirus symptoms
  • are self-isolating
  • have tested positive for coronavirus in the last 90 days

If you currently get LFD tests from your nursery or childcare provider, school, college, university or workplace, you should continue to do so.

How to get a test

Use this guide to find out how to get tested for coronavirus.

Self-help guide

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Find your local services

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Order LFD tests to your home

You can order LFD tests to be sent your home

Your order will contain one pack of seven LFD tests.  It’ll be delivered to your home in one to two days. You can order one pack per household per day.

If you’re ordering for another household as well as your own, you should:

  • complete a separate order
  • use their personal details

If you cannot place an order online, phone 119.

Collect LFD tests from your nearest coronavirus test site 

Find your nearest coronavirus test site where LFD tests can be collected 

You can collect up to two packs of seven testper household, or up to four packs of seven testif you’re collecting for multiple people. 

You can collect from coronavirus test sites between 8am and  8pm. You do not need to book an appointment. 

Collect LFD tests from your nearest pharmacy 

Find your nearest participating pharmacy 

You can collect one pack of seven LFD tests per person. If you’re collecting for a household, you can collect one pack for each household member. 

You do not need to book an appointment, but you should check opening times. 

Do not enter a pharmacy if you have coronavirus symptoms. Self-isolate immediately and book a PCR test instead. 

Take your test on site

You may be able to visit a community asymptomatic test site if they are available in your area. You can get tested at one of these sites if you do not have coronavirus symptoms.

Check if there is a community asymptomatic test site in your local authority

What to expect at community testing sites (

Watch this short video to find out what to expect when you attend a community testing site. Sites may vary slightly by local area.

Watch this video in British Sign Language (BSL), Cantonese, Hindi, Punjabi, Romanian or Urdu

Video transcript in English (PDF, 157 KB)