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Living it Up is part of NHS inform and aims to help you manage your health and wellbeing, with information on more conditions, self help guides and access to Health Unlocked communities relating to your condition. We hope to reach as many people across Scotland as possible to help them lead happier, healthier and safer lives.

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NHS inform is a great place to find out more about how to stay happier, healthier and safer. In our Healthy Living area you can find information on food and nutrition, keeping active and mental health along with many other topics.

If you are a carer or are looking for care information Care Information Scotland is a great resource.

Visit My Condition, My Terms, My Life, run by the ALLIANCE, to see how self management has made a real difference to people living with long term conditions.

My Condition, My Terms, My Life: Real Stories

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Find out about local events, community resources and news in your area by visiting the ALISS website.


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NHS inform is Scotland's national health information service. We aim to provide accurate and relevant information to help you make informed decisions about your own health and the health of the people you care for.

To find more about your condition visit our illnesses and conditions section or you might like to find out more about injuries or any tests and treatments you are undergoing.

We also have a number of interactive tools:

Tools and services

If you loved keeping active with Living it Up's Community Challenges try visiting our keeping active section for ideas and information to keep you happy and healthy.

You might also like Cancer Research Challenges or Age UK challenges.

Keep well and stay independent with these handy online tools and services.
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