Ways to manage anxiety

Jean talks about what she does to manage her anxiety. 

Jean shares some tips that have helped her with anxiety


  • Meet up with friends and neighbours in the park.
  • Put your phone on do not disturb when you go out walking so there are no distractions.
  • Pay attention to sights, smells and sounds when outdoors.
  • Use mindfulness techniques.
  • Accept support from family and friends.
  • Keep journals and diaries to help challenge anxious thoughts.

Find support for anxiety

Read more about anxiety and panic.

Visit Paths for All to find a range of walking routes, of any length and ability, near you.

Euan’s Guide is a website which details the accessibility of sites across the UK, including gardens, nature and open spaces.

Contact your GP practice if:

  • you want to speak to someone about your mental health.

If you need urgent help you can phone 111 and choose the mental health option to speak to the mental health hub. In an emergency phone 999.

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