Connect with others by talking about your feelings

Andy talks about how The Changing Room project helped him to connect with others to reduce his feelings of loneliness and self-stigma

Andy talks about how he was able to connect with other people

Andy says The Changing Room project helped him to reduce his feelings of loneliness and self-stigma.

He explains why it’s important to reach out and talk to someone. For example:

  • no matter how difficult it may be, reaching out to someone can help you feel less lonely and isolated
  • talking to someone can help both of you

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The Changing Room project uses football to help men tackle mental health problems.

Visit Mind – about peer support for information like:

  • what peer support is
  • whether peer support is right for you
  • how to find peer support
  • useful contacts

Contact your GP practice if:

  • you want to speak to someone about your mental health 

If you need urgent help you can phone 111 and choose the mental health option to speak to the mental health hub. In an emergency phone 999.

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