How to feel less lonely

Hear how Sara overcame her anxiety to feel less lonely and meet new people

What Sara found helpful

Hear how Sara overcame her anxiety to reduce her loneliness and meet new people.

People can be very harsh on themselves when they’re feeling low – this is sometimes called self stigma. It can lead people into believing that they aren’t capable of things like getting a job or going into further education.

Sara suggests trying to:

  • remember that just because you’re feeling lonely – it does not mean that you’re unlovable or that nobody likes you
  • find one person that you can lean on – whether in person or virtually
  • take the pressure off of yourself to have a big group of close friends
  • start with small steps like talking to the server if you go to a café or a shop – if you want to, work up to bigger steps like going to a community group or a club

Find support for loneliness and isolation

If you’re neurodiverse or autistic, the National Autistic Society has a guide on how to make friends.

Young Scot has some practical advice about how to combat feelings of loneliness and isolation.

Read about support that’s available if you’re experiencing low mood or depression.

Contact your GP practice if:

  • you want to speak to someone about your mental health 

If you need urgent help you can phone 111 and choose the mental health option to speak to the mental health hub. In an emergency phone 999.

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