NHS inform (nhsinform.scot) is owned and operated by NHS 24 on behalf of NHS Scotland and the Scottish Government.

NHS 24 are committed to ensuring privacy is protected and that users can be assured that any data will only be used in accordance with the privacy requirements outlined in this policy.

This policy outlines:

  • what data we collect about you when you access this website
  • how we collect this data
  • how we store this data securely
  • who we share it with
  • how you can access it


This policy is compliant with the relevant data protection legislation and we're committed to compliance procedures that demonstrate this.

Data collection

The types of data we collect will depend on how you access and use this website.

NHS inform deals with personal and sensitive data, as classified under the data protection legislation.

Web forms

NHS inform contains a number of web forms that deliver to NHS 24 and NHS Health Scotland.

NHS 24 manage data collection for the:

  • feedback form
  • 'How can we improve this page?' form

NHS Health Scotland manages data collection for the:

  • request a bowel screening test kit form
  • request a quit pack form

To help our patient affairs and operations teams to respond to feedback and service updates, we'll collect and store your:

  • name
  • address
  • phone number
  • email address

Web chat

To help our health Information team to respond to your webchat request, we'll ask you to provide a name and your reason for requesting a webchat.

We might also ask you to provide your age or post code during the session. This will depend on the nature of your request.


When you use this website, we'll collect information about your browsing habits using cookies. This helps us to understand how you interact with the website and what information you're interested in.

By using our website and agreeing to this policy, you consent to for us to use cookies to collect this information in accordance with the terms of this policy.

What's a cookie?

A cookie is a small amount of data placed on your computer or mobile phone by a website.

Cookies can be:

  • persistent – meaning they're stored by your web browser and will remain valid until a set expiry date
  • session – meaning they'll expire when your web browser is closed.

Our cookies

We use the following persistent cookies on this website:

Cookie name Expiration time Description
_ga 2 years Used to distinguish users
_gat 10 minutes Used to throttle request rate

These are first-party cookies used by Google's Universal Analytics.

What we collect

When you visit this site, we'll collect information about:

  • your computer
  • your visits
  • how you use this website.

Our cookies don't collect or store any information that personally identifies you.

Blocking or deleting cookies

Blocking or deleting cookies may have a negative impact on how you use this website and could prevent some of the features from working.

Find out how to delete cookies

Storing and sharing your data

Any data we collect is stored securely in an NHS Scotland database. This database has been formally risk assessed and accredited in accordance with NHS Scotland standards. No third parties will have access to it.

This data will be kept no longer than is necessary and reasonable to do so. After this period, the data will be deleted.

Web chat transcripts

We store transcripts of all web chat sessions within a secure database with our supplier Velaro for a short period of time.These transcripts are deleted in line with the retention period as detailed in the relevant retention and destruction schedule. These transcripts only contain the minimum amount of personal information that you have given us to allow us to provide the associated service.

Loss and misuse of data

We take appropriate technical and organisational precautions to prevent the loss, misuse or alteration of your personal data.

Data protection and security

For the purposes of the data protection legislation, NHS 24 are data controllers for personal data collected, stored and shared by NHS inform.

Data security

As NHS inform is delivered through NHS Scotland, we adhere to all data security standards and protocols that apply to the NHS in Scotland.

In addition, all systems that operate as part of NHS inform have had a detailed system security policy assessment in line with national recommended standards. The outcomes of this assessment were accredited by the Scottish Government eHealth team.

Disclosure checks

At NHS 24, all health professionals who handle personal data undergo Disclosure Scotland checks prior to employment.

Sharing your data

Any data we collect will only be shared for the purpose of:

  • investigating and responding to enquiries
  • monitoring the performance of the service

Accessing your data

You've a right to know what data we collect about you, and to:

  • access or modify it
  • request that we delete this data at any time

You can request this by emailing us at:DP@nhs24.scot.nhs.uk.

How to contact us

This website is maintained by NHS 24 on behalf of NHS Scotland and the Scottish Government.

If you've a question or comment about our privacy policy, or would like access to your personal information, email us at: DP@nhs24.scot.nhs.uk.