Consent: It's Your Decision (Leaflet)

This leaflet explains how you should be involved in decisions about your health care and treatment.

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Consent - It's your decision

Consent: Introduction (

Who this factcheet is for and what it's about.

Consent: Medical examinations and treatments (

Explains your right to be involved in decisions about your health care and treatment.

Consent: Teaching and research (

It’s up to you to decide whether you want to take part in research.

Consent: Using personal health information (

Explains how your personal health information is used.

Consent: What if I'm not happy? (

Explains what to do if you are unhappy about how you have been involved in decisions about your care.

Consent: How to find out more (

Where to find more information about consent to healthcare.

Consent: Information about health rights (

Further information about your health rights.

Consent: Product information (

Information on the production of this leaflet.

Print files for professionals

Print-ready versions of this leaflet are available for use by health and care professionals.

Consent: It's Your Decision - Print files (ZIP, 11.4MB)

To arrange a print run of this leaflet, contact the person who coordinates the printing and distribution of health rights information at your health board.

Who to contact at your health board