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NHS Near Me video appointment service

NHS Near Me is a secure video consulting service for clinical and wider support appointments.

They take place in your home using a smartphone, tablet or computer. You and your health care professionals can see and talk to each other via a video link.

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NHS Near Me and maternity care

Using NHS Near Me can reduce unnecessary travel, while still providing the support and care you and your baby need.

It can mean you don’t need to arrange childcare for other children, take as much time away from work, or sit in busy waiting areas.

You can choose to have NHS Near Me appointments at home or at a Community Maternity Unit (CMU) or hub.

If you’d prefer not to have NHS Near Me for appointments, tell your maternity care team.

What’s discussed on NHS Near Me calls

You’ll discuss the same things during an NHS Near Me appointment as you would at a face-to-face appointment with your maternity care team.

They’ll ask how you are, and you can ask questions and tell them any concerns about your pregnancy. You can talk about your birth plan and where you’d like to give birth, and discuss getting ready to be a parent.

Your maternity care team may ask you to do tests or checks at home before your NHS Near Me appointment. During the appointment, they’ll discuss the results with you.

You and your maternity care team will agree a plan for your care and arrange your next appointment.

Tests and checks at home

If you and your maternity care team agree, you may be given equipment so you can check your blood pressure and urine at home.

If this happens, they’ll explain how to use the equipment and record your results.

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Getting the maternity care you need

It’s very important for you to have all your routine antenatal care appointments.

For scans and some other appointments where ‘hands on’ assessment is needed, you’ll still need to attend a clinic or hospital.

Your maternity care team will explain which appointments can be carried out using NHS Near Me. They can answer any questions you have and reassure you about any concerns.

You’ll be given contact numbers to use if you need support between appointments, including in an emergency.

Your partner can join in on the call 

A big benefit of using NHS Near Me is your partner or someone else can be with you during the call if you wish.

They can also ask questions and it can help both of you feel supported and included.

Ask your maternity care team if you would like them to arrange for an interpreter to attend as well.

You can have the call on your own 

Your NHS Near Me call can be totally private between you and your maternity care team if you want.

If you’re worried you don’t have somewhere private to have your NHS Near Me call or if someone wants to join when you’d rather be by yourself, you can phone your maternity care team in confidence at any time.

NHS Near Me is easy to use

There are lots of videos and information to help you on the NHS Near Me website

Find out what you need to use NHS Near Me

Learn how to make a test call

If you still feel worried about using NHS Near Me, phone your maternity care team for help and advice.

How to attend an NHS Near Me appointment

There can be different ways of inviting you to a Near Me appointment depending on where you live.

You may receive a letter, email, or alert from a system, such as BadgerNet.

Your invitation will include a link to join your NHS Near Me video call and a number you can call if there are connection issues.

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NHS Near Me uses secure video consulting which has been approved as private and confidential by NHS Scotland.

NHS Near Me video calls are never recorded.

Last updated:
25 January 2023

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