Advocacy for children and young people

Who Cares? Scotland provides professional, independent advocacy services in most local authority areas in Scotland. We work one on one with a young person to help them have a say in what is happening to them. We strive to provide advocacy that helps young people feel respected, included, listened to and understood. We’re independent to any care services a young person receives – this is crucial because we want young people to be supported and understood with no conflict of interest.

Advocacy gives the young person a chance to tell someone what they want or like, outwith the line of professionals. It helps children and young to put their views across with what they think is best for them as a lot of children don’t as they don’t think they would be listened to or they don’t know how to say it.

To find out about accessing advocacy for a young person, or if you are a young person who wants to speak to an advocate in your area, fill in the online form on the website or call the National Office for help.

Services Offered

Children's Health
Discrimination & Humanitarian

Contact details

0141 226 4441
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Last Updated: 30/07/2020

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