Family Support


We provide support for families with young children who are facing difficulties.

When a family faces mental or physical ill-health, insecure housing, insufficient income, isolation and loneliness, addiction, relationship breakdown, loss, trauma or abuse, everyone in the household can suffer. Children most certainly will be affected, whether we can immediately see it or not. We want to be there for them – to help them and their whole family until they can cope again. We want to reach each child in their vital early years so they can have the best possible start in life.

Through our experienced staff team and trained Peer Support Volunteers, we are able to work alongside families in their own home with practical and emotional support.

What we offer for each family can be as unique as they are. Importantly, we want to be there when we are needed most, for as long as we are needed. We do not set time limits on our support.

Many referrals come from colleagues working in health, social care and education, however families can also self-refer.

Services Offered

  • Home Visiting

Contact details

01698 442 883
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Last Updated: 07/05/2020

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