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  1. Guide

    Healthcare for refugees and asylum seekers and overseas visitors

    Within this guide we will explain which overseas visitors can access the NHS and how they can access NHS care. We have included information for students, tourists, asylum seekers and refugees.

    1. Immigration health surcharge
    2. Registering for healthcare
    3. Asylum seekers and refugees
    4. Overseas students
    5. Overseas workers
    6. Tourists and holidaymakers

    18/11/2017 | Organisation

  2. Guide

    Screening in Scotland

    There are 7 screening programmes in Scotland. Some of these are only offered to men, and others are only for women. Find out who'll be offered which screening tests and why

    1. Overview
    2. Eligibility
    3. Benefits and risks
    4. Personal information

    18/11/2017 | Organisation

  3. Guide

    Communicating with the NHS in Scotland

    Introduction to communicating and participating with NHS services including your rights and your responsibilities. These include organ and tissue donation, refusing care and treatment, along with other topics.

    1. Your rights
    2. Your responsibilities

    18/11/2017 | Organisation

  4. Guide

    Receiving NHS dental treatment in Scotland

    We explain how you register with a dentist, what your dental treatment might involve and how much you can expect to pay for your treatment.

    1. Registering with a dentist
    2. Understanding your dental treatment
    3. Dental treatment costs

    18/11/2017 | Organisation

  5. Guide

    Complain about a GP, pharmacy, dentist or hospital in Scotland

    If you’re unhappy with the NHS care or treatment you've received in Scotland, you have a right to complain using the NHS complaints procedure. Find out who to contact at your health board to leave feedback

    1. Overview
    2. NHS Ayrshire and Arran
    3. NHS Borders
    4. NHS Dumfries and Galloway
    5. NHS Fife
    6. NHS Forth Valley
    7. NHS Grampian
    8. NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde
    9. NHS Highland
    10. NHS Lanarkshire
    11. NHS Lothian
    12. NHS Orkney
    13. NHS Shetland
    14. NHS Tayside
    15. NHS Western Isles
    16. NHS 24
    17. Golden Jubilee National Hospital
    18. Scottish Ambulance Service
    19. The State Hospital

    18/11/2017 | Organisation

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    NHS Scotland complaints

    You have the right to give feedback or make a complaint about any care you receive from the NHS in Scotland - including hospitals, GPs, pharmacies and dentists. Find out how to make a complaint about these services and who can support you to do this.

    1. Your rights
    2. Your responsibilities
    3. Patient Advice and Support Service
    4. Care Opinion

    18/11/2017 | Organisation

  7. Guide

    National Contact Point for Scotland

    Information on the European cross-border healthcare directive including the approval process, appeals, complaints, privacy and claiming back costs.

    1. The approval process
    2. Quality and safety
    3. Treatments and pricing
    4. Appeals, complaints and claiming back costs
    5. Contacts in and outside of Scotland

    18/11/2017 | Organisation

  8. Guide

    Thrush in men

    Thrush is a yeast infection caused by a fungus called candida albicans.Both men and women can be affected. Learn about thrush symptoms and treatments.

    1. Introduction
    2. Symptoms
    3. Causes
    4. Diagnosis
    5. Treatment
    6. Complications

    18/11/2017 | Organisation

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    Oral thrush in adults

    Oral thrush is a fungal infection of the mouth. It is not contagious and is usually successfully treated with antifungal medication. Learn about its symptoms and treatments.

    1. Introduction

    18/11/2017 | Organisation

  10. Guide

    Skin rashes in children

    Childhood rashes are common and aren't usually a cause for concern. Most are harmless and disappear without treatment. Learn about the most common causes.

    1. Introduction

    18/11/2017 | Organisation

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