NHS inform style guide

How to use the NHS inform style guide

About the style guide

A style guide improves the quality and consistency of writing across NHS 24 websites.

This guide can’t cover every aspect of tone, grammar, punctuation and spelling. But, it’s dynamic and can be added to.

The style guide sets out some rules. But, it also provides broad principles to base decisions about the use of language on.

Why a style guide is needed

English has many options for tone and grammar, punctuation and spelling. Setting a standard for using the language is as essential to identity as the logo and look or feel of pages.

Inconsistency in language raises questions about the quality of what is written. Readers may then lose confidence in the information and the competence of writers.

Having a style guide also:

  • strengthens the brand
  • promotes uniformity across different formats and teams
  • helps freelancers, partners or anyone else writing content to maintain consistency
  • speeds up decision-making on style
  • helps create content that’s sensitive to the audience