Kirsty's story

Kirsty's talks about her experience with suicidal thoughts.

Kirsty describes how, despite having a good upbringing and supportive family, feeling lonely and anxious as a child. She felt distressed but didn't understand what was happening to her. She reflects on the importance of listening to your body.

Mind has more information on understanding what's happening to you.

YoungMinds have advice for both young people and those caring for young people.

Kirsty talks about how depression and anxiety affected her mental health as a teenager. Despite some happy times she went into a "deep black hole" that she didn't want to come out of.

If this is how you feel you can speak to your GP or phone 111 now and choose the mental health option.

The Mental Health Foundation has information about how to speak to your GP about your mental health.

Kirsty reflects on the the importance of asking for help early. Support from her partner and medication helped but she had to also make changes to her life.

If you're struggling to access services locally you can phone 111 for support any time or contact Breathing Space's listening service.

The Mental Health Foundation have more information on recovery.

Kirsty speaks about the influence of faith in her mental wellbeing. She talks about contemplating suicide and how her faith and community have been a source of strength.

The Royal College of Psychiatrists has more about spirituality and mental health.

Kirsty reflects on how sometimes you have to prioritise your health over your other ambitions. She encourages people to do that because leaving her job and moving back to her home island has had a dramatic benefit.

The problem solving self-help guide can help you explore what's important to you.

Kirsty reflects on the growing awareness of mental health issues in the Scottish islands and that although things are improving there is still some way to go.

See Me is committed to ending mental health stigma and has information and advice about discussing mental health issues.

Kirsty describes how people living in an island community have to become resilient as they can be cut off from services and even electricity by extreme weather. Like a community, we are stronger and more resilient when we stand together.

Mind has some information on managing stress and building resilience.

The long winter nights in Scotland can have an impact on your mental wellbeing, such as Seasonal Affective Disorder.

Kirsty talks about how taking semi-retirement has allowed her to do more of the things that make her happy.

Reconnecting with nature, writing and taking an interest in local history have all improved her mental wellbeing.

ALISS can help you connect with local groups in your community.

Kirsty encourages you to explore sources of support in your community. Charities and community organisations offer an alternative to your GP.

Sharing your experiences with someone you can trust can transform how you feel.

If you need someone to listen confidentially, you can contact Breathing Space.