Steph's story

Steph shares her experiences with suicidal thoughts.

Steph talks about her suicidal thoughts and several attempts to take her own life. She felt like she couldn't escape and suicide was her only way out. She talks about wanting to protect her siblings from experiencing the abuse that she went through.

If you think you might be being abused there is more information on how to identify it and how to get help from Women's Aid.

Steph talks about some people in her life that helped her open up about her suicidal thoughts and feelings. Initially she worried that people were asking about her feelings to punish her, but soon she realised that they wanted to help.

Mind have information on how to talk to your GP about your mental health.

SAMH have information for students and educators on mental health.

Steph talks about the breakthrough moment when people started to listen and believe what was happening to her.

If you need someone to listen confidentially, contact Breathing Space.

Starting to share her story made her feel powerful and able to start to deal with her emotions and harmful thoughts.

Steph explains that there was no quick fix to her suicidal thoughts. It took six years to find the right person to talk to.

It's important to reach out when you can and to who you can. Though it isn't easy and takes hard work it can be life changing.

There is no perfect way to start that conversation. Watch Neil's video on how he started to talk with his wife.

Steph explains that part of her problem was not realising she was worth helping. Thankfully, finding the right people to talk with has helped.

Moving on from suicidal thoughts is hard work and takes time and planning to learn how to deal with problems that life throws at you.

The Mental Health Foundation has more information on the process of recovery.

Steph talks about her group of friends that support her and don't make her feel like a burden. For Steph this involved making new relationships and letting go of old ones.

There may be people in your life who don't want to hear about your problems. You may need to talk to someone else.

If you need someone to listen confidentially, contact Breathing Space.

Steph describes the devastation and heartbreak she's felt when losing someone to suicide. She says she wishes that more people knew it was ok to change your mind.

She goes on to say she changed her mind and that is why she's still alive today. It's never too late to reach out for help.