Waiting times

Information on waiting times for local health boards and specialties in Scotland

About waiting times

This site shows information on waiting times for planned (elective) care. It does not show information for emergency (unscheduled) care.

The statistics included relate to the wait you may experience to:

  • attend a particular outpatient clinic for the first time (known as a new outpatient attendance)
  • receive treatment under the Treatment Time Guarantee (TTG) as an inpatient or day case

Outpatient statistics only cover clinics led by a medical consultant. They do not cover clinics led by other professionals, including nurse-led clinics.

A small number of specialist treatments provided as an inpatient or day case are not covered by the TTG.

Get the full release of national statistics

Public Health Scotland provide further information on the latest waiting times data.

The latest PHS statistics that were released on 28 May 2024 include:

  • the length and distribution of wait for both ongoing and completed waits
  • additions and removals from the list
  • patient unavailability and non-attendance rates

All statistics are available at health board and specialty level. They cover the period up to 31 March 2024.

Waiting well

Waiting Well has lots of information and tips to support your health and wellbeing while waiting.

Taking steps to improve you health and wellbeing can help you to:

  • ease some symptoms
  • manage your health
  • stop new problems from starting
  • improve your health before your care

Find out more about Waiting Well