Inpatient waiting times

Information on inpatient and day case waiting times for local health boards and specialties in Scotland

How inpatient waiting times are calculated

Once treatment is agreed, after tests and diagnosis, a patient will be added to the waiting list. Waiting times are calculated from that moment to the start of treatment, taking into account any time you’re unavailable. If your care is urgent, you may be seen sooner.

What can impact waiting times?

Long waits have grown as a result of the pandemic and the continued pressures this brings. The Scottish Government has announced a new set of ambitious targets to make sure there is a focus on treating people that are waiting too long for treatment.

Waiting times can vary across local health boards. Different specialties may also experience a range of waiting times.

Waiting times data in your area

Statistics on waiting times for inpatient or day cases in Scotland are shown by health board of treatment and specialty.