Exercise and staying active

Your health and wellbeing while waiting

Staying active

If you’re waiting or are not feeling your best, you may be less active. But, moving a little more whilst you wait can support and improve your health. It can help:

  • your weight
  • your mood
  • you to socialise
  • you to get outside

Regular exercise or activity before an operation can also reduce complications and your length of stay in hospital.

Healthy ageing and staying active

Age is no barrier to exercise. At any age, exercise can improve your:

  • strength
  • balance
  • stamina
  • flexibility
  • mental health

The Care Inspectorate

The Care Inspectorate has further information on staying active as you get older. This includes advice on topics like:

Scotland’s Service Directory

You can use Scotland’s Service Directory to find details of health and wellbeing services in your area. This includes details of different support groups for conditions, illnesses and more.