Healthy eating and looking after your weight

Your health and wellbeing while waiting

If you’re waiting, it might be appropriate to look at your diet, activity and weight.

Having a healthy balanced diet gives the body and mind energy to be active each day. Eating a good balance of essential nutrients also helps your body to recover and heal after an operation.

For some people, working towards a healthier weight can improve health now. It can also reduce the risk of other health problems in the future and support recovery.

Eat Well, Your Way

Eat Well, Your Way is a new resource developed by Food Standards Scotland. It aims to help you take small and manageable steps to eat healthier. Choosing healthier options can be hard so it’s designed to help you do this in a way that suits you.

Further information on Eat Well, Your Way

Scotland’s Service Directory

You can use Scotland’s Service Directory to find details of health and wellbeing services in your area. This includes details of different support groups for conditions, illnesses and more.